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NEW CHAPTER: MANDALORE’S REVENGE is COMING on JUNE 3 TO SWTOR BioWare™ and Lucasfilm announced that the next c... 11 May 2016 View
Confront the Immortal Emperor in the New Chapter of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Fallen Empire BioWare™ and Lucasfilm today released the latest... 14 Apr 2016 View
Hearthstone's new format will see old expansions retired from 'Standard' play Hearthstone is about to undergo its biggest shakeu... 03 Feb 2016 View
5 Reasons To Play Star Wars – The Old Republic This is a sad day, Disney announced that it was th... 07 Jan 2016 View
THE DEL REY STAR WARS COVERS OF RALPH MCQUARRIE, Most Star Wars fans are aware that Ralph... 21 Dec 2015 View
RISING TO THE OCCASION: WHAT’S NEXT FOR STAR WARS: UPRISING, PART 1 In the mobile game Star Wars: The uprising, launch... 07 Nov 2015 View
Archeage Celebrating It's One Year Anniversary It has been a year since Trion's launch of the... 27 Aug 2015 View
Donnie Yen Confirmed Starring in Rogue One Earlier, we talked that Chinese actor Donnie Yen w... 26 Aug 2015 View
Runtime for Star Wars: The Force Awakens Revealed   Fans would know that a runtime for Star ... 24 Aug 2015 View
F2P Mode Improves Star Wars: The Old Republic Few MMORPG games would be given such a plug as Sta... 13 Aug 2015 View